Unprecidented Opportunities Await You in Publishing Today

I live to write and write to live. This has been my motto for years as I studied the craft from all angles.

Over the past years, the publishing revolution still has everyone’s heads spinning, but I took out some time to study it as well as to ascertain the truth (or lack thereof) of the cries of riches and rewards…And in general, the answer lies somewhere in between. So I am now stepping out from my research desk and spreading my wings as far as they will go. I write flash fiction, short stories, my literary fiction book ‘The Grove’ is progressing nicely, and my suspense series, The Social Media /Suspense Series, starts with The Cursor, The Book of Face, and a third in the series with the working title yet to present itself.

You can find me on my book marketing blog, The Point of the Quill on Google+, @LeeJTyler, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media and forums where writers gather to talk about what they should be doing. ;p Soon, I will open these doors to great content to fill your needs, notes on my writing path, special giveaways, posts on great authors and books, literary fiction, and social media for writers. I will be curating resources for you to save you time for your most important work, writing., and you get your say in finding what you need to finish your current writing project. Sign up and you and I can start a conversation about our projects. Looking forward to meeting you!

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